UI/UX Design Services

Codeninja specializes in creating innovative experiences with our modern UI UX Design Services. Increase user interaction with intuitive designs and micro-interactions created by experienced professionals. Every UI/UX design crafted by Codeninja encapsulates the ideal composition of technology and visual features that endures an impactful online experience.

ui/ux design services

UI UX Design Services We Offers

Codeninja is a renowned Global Software development company providing diverse services. The company is experienced in providing competitive UI UX design services for various products:

UX Design

User experience (UX) services to our clients enable creation of products or services that are accessible, easy to use, and enjoyable. We focus on various product development features such as branding, usability, function, and design. Our aim is to achieve a positive user experience while interacting with a product or a service.


UI Design

Our User Interface (UI) services amplify the creation of products that help introduce interactive elements. With expert designers having diverse industry experience, we create highly intuitive UI designs that result in higher conversion rates.


UI/UX Wireframe

The UI/UX wireframing services incorporate the creation of a digital application’s visual framework. Our clients can benefit from accurate visualization of the actual product. Our wireframes help clients improve user flows and content placement for maximum interaction.


UI/UX Prototyping

Codeninja offers unmatched UI UX prototyping services. UI UX developers at Codeninja are experts at creating highly interactive product models to either test or validate the UI UX. We help our clients achieve cost-efficiency through highly functional prototypes.


Ecommerce UI/UX Design

Codeninja is offering aesthetic Ecommerce UI UX design services. Accomplish an online presence for various practical digital strategies including UI/UX designs. Our UI designs will help you prioritize your brand and UX designs will help you embark on implementing and delivering digital strategies.

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Web App UI/UX

The web app UI UX services let you shape how a user will interact with the web app and how the product will look visually. The web app must be enriched with user-friendly and modern UI UX for enhanced user experience.


UI/UX Consulting

CodeNinja is offering competitive UI/UX consultation services with top-rated consultants. UI & UX Consulting is an approach that calls for enhancing the user experience while aligning it to the objectives of the business, the perspective of the users, and the data to be dealt with.


UI/UX Testing

UI UX testing is a holistic service that not only helps in visualizing the creation but also helps in fixing any issues. It is a process that enables testing functionality and features of the UI and UX of a software application.

What is UI UX Design?

The User Interface (UI), refers to the process of enhancing the interaction on web and mobile applications. It defines how the application or web pages will look and how users will interact. It focuses on making the web page engaging by introducing buttons and other interactive visual elements. Nevertheless, if you wish to make your web or applications interactive, you will also require optimized UX designs! User Experience (UX) Design helps in improving user interaction when they visit your platform. The main idea of UX is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through an enhanced usability experience that is neither complex nor time consuming. UX design also plays a vital role in branding. Thus, it is necessary for your business if you want to give an everlasting experience to your customers.

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Importance of UI/UX design

An optimal UI UX is highly important for any digital product. It is one of the ways for making profits. Websites and apps enriched with UX/UI designs are capable of generating more leads and revenues. To increase the number of visitors, which is the ultimate goal of any business, it is important to target customer satisfaction and experience which can be ideally achieved with intuitive UX/UI designs. The UI and UX Design help your customers have a good experience on the website or the application and engage them more pleasantly. A good UI UX allows users to navigate through the product with ease, hence winning over their confidence and converting leads into valued customers.

UI UX Design Services Outsourcing Models Best to Fit For You

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Dedicated Development Team

Choosing this model for UI UX services by CodeNinja will help you deploy professionals from our team and integrate them into your business environment. In such a model, our professional team of UX/UI design works exclusively for you. They integrate with your teams in the long run to create a compelling and competitive UX/UI design.

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Project Based Outsourcing

Codeninja is also offering Project based outsourcing for attaining quality UX/UI design services. For this, you can reach out to us and we will develop a UX/UI design according to the requirements set forth by you. Project-based outsourcing is perfect for projects with well-defined deliverables and requirements.

UI/UX Design Benefits

UI and UX design will help enhance your digital products in numerous ways: 

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What makes us a reliable e-commerce development company?

Codeninja is a team of professionals, software developers, IT consultants, design and marketing experts, and managers. With our diverse team and skillset, we are a global provider of e-commerce development services including website design and development, integration with payment gateways, and development of mobile apps. We ensure our e-commerce site is user-friendly, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. We help businesses solve their challenges with technology-based solutions.

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UI/UX Design Benefits

UI and UX design will help enhance your digital products in numerous ways: 

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Tools and Technologies we use in UI UX Design

Mobile Development

andriod xamarin iosframwork nativescript ioniz react-native pwa flutter cordova

WEB Back-end

python java .Net node php GO c++ rails django flask laravel

WEB Front-end

HTML css js react vue.js lit alpinejs svelte solidjs angular redux ember meteor

Desktop Application Languages

python c++ C#cred C GO js swift obj-c

Desktop Application Frameworks

ms wpf electron


my-sql oracle sql-server azure sun analytics postgre-sql amazone-s3 google-cloud-sql amazone-RDS azure-sql-database

DevOps Configuration Management Tools

saltstack ansible chef puppet

DevOps Monitoring Tools

zabbix nagios datadog prime theus

Devops Testing Tools

jenkinsselenium saopui zophyr testcomplete

DevOps Version Control Tools

git subversion mercurial

How You Can Choose UI/UX Design Company

Choosing a company for UI/UX design can be an onerous task. There are various top-rated companies, like CodeNinja, providing competitive UI/UX services. However, you need to do some research on the company you wish to work with before proceeding further. You should know if the company you are leaning toward is trustworthy and whether it has a compelling experience in the field of UI/UX design services. Start with going through the company’s portfolio, work history, and client reviews. Also ensure whether they offer flexible hiring models, have experience in working with your industry, and have experience in creating compelling customized and practical UI/UX designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UI refers to User Interface while UX refers to User Experience. UI is the interface that allows engaging the users. For this, elements like widgets, buttons, and animations are used. On the other hand, UX refers to designing products/services which will ensure an enhanced user experience. It grows over branding, functioning, designing, usability, and positive experience.

There is a number of benefits of UI UX such as attracting customers, retaining customers, increasing sales, reducing costs, and giving out a good experience and impression. However, the customized UI/UX takes things one step further and allows you to possibly achieve a USP for your business. Every user would prefer a fast, responsive, and easy-to-navigate website or application. Hence, a site that offers you an interactive shopping cart that allows you to pay and check out quicker would be preferable for users.

UI/UX design cost would depend upon a number of factors for instance, how many web pages you are opting for or the complexity of the process for which the UI/UX is to be designed. You can also incorporate modern tech like AI into your UI/UX design for features like predictive analytics. Hence, the requirements set forth would determine the costs.

Businesses that wish to offer a good user experience and build an intuitive interface should opt for UI/UX design. Currently, various industries such as Finance, insurance, education, and healthcare have opted to invest heavily in UI/UX design to facilitate users in operating their products.

A dedicated development team model, as the name suggests is a model where a team of professionals dedicatedly works for the client. A professional team is deployed so that it can work in integration with the client’s team. This way, the client becomes completely associated with the project, unlike outsourcing where the client waits for the project to be delivered. A dedicated teams model is ideal if the deliverables are not well-defined or requirements might change as the project goes on. It gives more control to the client over the project.