Software Testing Services

Software testing is a process of examining the functionality of the software. It means it is an act of evaluating the software behavior and verifying that the software performs as it is supposed to or developed to. Being a leading software testing services company, our developers implement holistic testing plans that cover the software’s entire system including its functionality, performance, usability, compatibility, and security. We find technical glitches and fix them through our software verification and validation service to fine-tune the quality of the product.

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Software Testing & QA Services

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QA consulting

Successfully providing quality assurance consulting services to remove inefficiencies and flaws in software and identifying action points to address quality issues. our objective is to assist organizations to develop robust software products that comply with industry standards.
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QA Outsourcing

Outsource quality assurance service to Code ninja and we will handle, and manage a comprehensive set of activities to get the desired outcomes. We assist our clients to get the relevant specialized expertise and resources and also help to reduce costs and boost their brand and bottom line.

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Automation Testing

Making it possible to achieve sound quality at the best possible speed. Our bespoke test automation strategies improve the quality and reliability of software and detect more bugs and defects early in the development process.

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Manual Testing

Providing Manual testing services for software, because we believe that “100% automation is not possible” and manual testing is compulsory before automated testing. Our developers do rigorous manual testing before it hands over to the tester for automated testing.
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System Testing

Providing system test or system integration testing, to gauge that an application meets all of the technical, business, and functional requirements and examine how various mechanisms of an application behave together and whether they performed tasks as they are supposed to.
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Performance Testing

With our shift-left approach, we determine the tailbacks early in the SDLC and ensure the system’s reliable and consistent performance with the assistance of our seasoned engineers, who have wealth of experience and a vast array of knowledge in technology-agnostic testing services.
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Security Testing

By finding the loopholes and bottlenecks in the systems, Code ninja provides security testing to uncover the vulnerabilities of the system and ensure that the data is protected from possible intruders which may cause data security issues and can put the company’s reputation at stake.

What is Software Testing and Quality Assurance?

Software Testing is the process of evaluating the software to detect possible errors and bugs. The core objective of testing is to check the functionality, design, and compatibility of the product to find out whether it gives the expected outcome or not. 

Quality Assurance is a broader term, testing is the subset of a well-integrated quality assurance strategy. it covers all processes, policies, testing, reviews, and inspection and coding practices to ensure that software meets the needs of certain stakeholders and it is free of defects and errors.

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Software Quality Assurance Importance in Software Engineering

If any software house neglects quality assurance, it can lead the company to friction, delays, and misunderstandings. By detecting defects in the early stages of software development, time and money can be saved, guaranteeing user satisfaction, protecting the company’s reputation, and gaining the investor’s confidence and trust culture is created.

Models for Software Testing Services And QA Outsourcing

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Dedicated Team

Our dedicated QA and testing specialists are tailored to achieve software quality standards and ensure that end-users get quality products. We take full responsibility for quality assurance through rigorous testing plans and deliver the bug-free product.
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Fixed Price

We choose a fixed price model when testing requirements are well-defined and budget predictability is possible. We ensure the smooth execution of testing and quality assurance services and manage the tasks within the agreed timeframe and budget.
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Team Augmentation

Choosing experts and professionals to scale the in-house team to collaborate with organizations and empower them to tackle larger and more complex projects and effectively manage the quality assurance services with the help of our scalable and automated framework.
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Hybrid Model

A hybrid model in software testing combines elements of both the traditional Waterfall model and the Agile model. The hybrid approach's objective is to benefit from both methodologies' strengths and do a more effective testing process.

Our Software Testing Process

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Software Testing Types & Techniques

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Static Testing

Static Testing is a method of evaluating the software to check the defects without actually executing the code of the software.

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Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing is the method of evaluating the software by executing the code. This can be done manually or automatically.

Software Testing Methodologies we follow

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Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of the software without examining its internal structure or coding.
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White Box Testing

White box testing is a method of software testing that examines the inner working of the software-its code, infrastructure, and integrations with other systems.
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Gray Box Testing

Gray box testing is a method that combines elements of both white box and black box testing and can use to debug software with limited knowledge of source code.

Benefits of Software Testing

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Why CodeNinja is a trusted software testing and QA services company in Pakistan?

  • Implementation of Technology-agnostic testing strategies to test software in an efficient way
  • Agile Quality Assurance services and iterative approach to testing
  • Bespoke Testing to meet industry standards
  • Excellent Quality Assurance consulting services
  • Proficiency in open-source performance testing and tools
Goal Oriented
Excellent Code
Team Management

Platforms Bases Software Quality Assurance solutions

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Web App Testing

Providing web application testing services to elevate the quality by testing the functionality of web applications that they are working as supposed to or as per the requirements.
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Mobile App Testing

Our expert developers perform tests to evaluate mobile applications for their reliability, usability, and security across different operating systems and mobile devices.
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Desktop App Testing

We perform desktop app testing to ensure its proper functionality with the support of our experts and well-designed app testing framework involving different operating systems and hardware configurations.
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eCommerce Testing

We perform E-commerce testing to evaluate the compatibility, and performance, of an e-commerce website or application and ensure that website can handle customer journeys successfully.

Software Testing solutions, We Provide

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Cybersecurity Testing

Assisting organizations to improve their cyber robustness with a systematic cyber security evaluation. Code ninja helps organizations to find the vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure and process them before they are manipulated by cybercriminals.

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Integration Testing

Performing the integration testing to verify that different modules of software work as expected, when they are logically integrated. We find inconsistencies that may evolve when the different components are put together.

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UX Testing

Code ninja performs user testing to ensure a truly outstanding user experience by enhancing design trends, using new automation technologies, and performing extensive user data analysis consistently.

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Payment Testing

We offer payment gateway testing services to test the security, dependability, and execution of a payment gateway because it encompasses the sensitive details of users and sellers like card numbers, account owner details, etc.

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QA Testing

Providing Software quality assurance testing services to monitor all processes and activities used in the project to ensure the quality of the software and meet the pre-defined standards of users and stakeholders.

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Accessibility Testing

With Code ninja, accessibility testing is a seamless experience, we ensure apps work with screen readers and speech recognition software, through our automated accessibility testing services.

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SAAS Testing

Providing SAAS testing services to ensure that applications are developed by using the standard software quality parameters and fulfill the criteria of data security, data integration, and other validation activities.

Process to Hire A QA Tester from Code Ninja

Contact us and fills up the inquiry form

Requirement Analysis

Project Plan

Contract Agreement

Contact us and fills up the inquiry form

Emerging Software Testing Innovations

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Blockchain Testing

Codeninja follows Agile practices, the shift left approach to testing in blockchain development. To detect the errors early in the app’s lifecycle, we perform a series of tests to minimize defects.

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CRM Testing

Providing a robust base to your software by performing functionality testing, regression testing, security testing, and automation performance testing to provide a comprehensive review of your software’s performance.

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ERP Testing

Performing ERP testing to test the functionality, ETL, and performance to check the system’s ability to integrate with other systems, and its ability to handle large data, enables it to operate efficiently.

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AR/VR Testing

Enabling our users to have a seamless experience of AR and VR, by testing AR/VR’s ability to interact with virtual objects, their compatibility, performance, and usability across different devices and platforms.

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Cloud Testing

Codeninja provides an advanced cloud-testing service, based on our vast experience and expertise. We’ll assist to get the desired performance with Cloud in the most competent, accurate, and cost-effective way.

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IoT Testing

We offer comprehensive IoT testing services to make sure that products will work smoothly, securely, and meet necessary standards. We assure to deliver quality IoT products to boost business.

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Big Data Testing

Our expert QA engineers ensure superior data quality and the reliability of big data processing and test data management and perform rigorous testing, with efficient functional and non-functional testing.

Industries - Quality Management Across Various Domains

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How to Choose a QA Testing Company?

  • Go for specialized expertise and experience in QA
  • Go for AI-led, technology-agnostic testing strategies
  • Check on their data security protocols
  • Go for a cost-effective testing service provider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality assurance and software testing are similar because the objective of both processes is the same, delivery of an excellent quality product. The difference is QA emphasizes effective and efficient processes to meet certain quality standards and ensure that the software development team follows a well-defined process. Software Testing is more focused on the final product and gets feedback from users. In short, QA is a proactive process to ensure quality and testing is a reactive process to verify it.

Code ninja is a globally well-acknowledged and leading software development and outsourcing company. We offer outsourcing services for ERP testing. With ERP outsourcing our clients get a QA strategy, ERP test plan, and test automation strategy. We enable our clients to get maximum software quality within a pre-defined budget and timeframe. We show, with our solid actions to our clients that our business collaboration does not pose any risks to their data security.

Verification and Validation(V&V) in software testing are two separate but interrelated concepts. Verification is a static analysis technique where testing is done without executing the code through reviews, inspection, etc. In contrast, Validation is a dynamic technique and testing is done by executing the code. Validation is the process of evaluating a system or component during or at the end of the development process to determine whether it meets the specified requirements.

      We choose our testing techniques, keeping in view the requirement of the project, however, automation testing is more reliable to reduce the number of errors and increase efficiency. Additionally, it allows more consistent testing as automated tests can be easily repeated to ensure system functionality.

  • Supports execution of repeated test cases efficiently
  • Supports unattended execution
  • Improves accuracy by reducing errors
  • Saves time and money

For strict deadlines, we develop our plans carefully and execute them exceptionally, communicate regularly with our staff, and regularly keep updated our clients too to avoid friction and last minutes delays. We prioritize our tasks, stay organized, and remain flexible. Ready to work extra hours and add extra resources if needed. Make every effort to deliver quality product within time and make our clients happy and contented.