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Get industry-specific application development services in pakistan, and empower your businesses with super-efficient software and mobile app solutions development by hiring our application developers. We got professional, dedicated developers, to develop innovative and competitive Application Software Solutions.

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End to End Application Development Services

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Custom Application Development Services

As a leading application development company, Code ninja enables organizations to improve their application portfolio through customized solutions. We develop applications that is tailored to the particular needs of an organization.

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Application Integration Services

We provide application integration services to support business operations to achieve high operational efficiency. We provide such as application programming interfaces (API), integration platforms, or custom integrations.

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Application Migration Services

Code ninja Migration services help to manage your business cloud migration so you can focus on achieving your business core objectives. We assist you to migrate your masses to the cloud for digital transformation supporting rehosting patterns, mass migration, image migration, and data migration.

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Application Modernization Services

Modernizing an application service gives you a chance to deliver more agility to your organization. We provide the skills and resources needed to professionally perform the modernization project.

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Application Testing Services

Application testing is crucial to identify errors, fix bugs, reduce costs, and ensure that software is user-friendly and adaptable. Our QA Teams leave no room for errors.

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Application Management Services

We provide IT solutions to keep their systems running successfully and avoid problems. We provide cloud applications, upgraded software solutions, software updates, and testing services to ensure the smooth workflow of businesses.

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Application Development Consulting Services

Our developers and consultants provide supervision in different aspects of application development, to accelerate your development process. Our developers evaluate businesses’ needs and help to choose the right technology.

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Application Security Services

Code ninja developers ensure application security against cyber threats, find and fix vulnerabilities in an application, and are prepared to deal with attacks and data breaches. 

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MVP & POC Services

We release MVP to check how customers give response to the solution, to iterate and add additional features. PoC provides technologies for a solution and finds potential issues and technical risks, and collects data to improve the product.

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Application support and Maintenance services

At Codeninja, we provide application maintenance to ensure that the application performs well for users, and continuously improves and delivers the best possible user experience.

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What is Application Development?

Application development is the process of developing apps for mobile devices, the internet, laptop, or different platforms. It aims to develop software that meets the needs of its users.

It involves different languages, and technologies depending on the particular need of the project. Common programming languages used in the app development process include Java, Swift, C#, and HTML5.

Every app-building process follows the same process, identifying the requirements, and target audience, designing prototypes, planning, implementing, testing, deploying the application, and providing maintenance and support.

Application development is a challenging process, that involves specific tools and steps and a team of developers, and professionals.

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When You Need Application Development

You Want To Bring A New Value

When anyone has an idea that is new to the world, he has a strong belief it will help the users, then to show its unique functionality he wants to develop an app.

Promotion Of Business

When a businessman wants to improve his sales, generate more revenue, and want to show his online presence, he needs custom software for his business expansion.

Access To The Global Market

To make way to the global market, and target a vast target audience building an efficient app is essential. This helps startups and businesses stay ahead of the curve.

What Makes CodeNinja a Trusted Application Development Company in Pakistan?

Code ninja is widely known to develop premier and innovative digital products. When you choose code ninja, we assure you to provide the best quality applications allowing perfect user experience across all devices and platforms.

Professional application developers at Code ninja help businesses, startups, and organizations in transforming their application concepts into profitable business models. We build apps to meet industry needs, accelerate business growth, and provide a user-friendly application experience.

100+ Projects Launched
10+ years of Experience
Stack of IT professional
Agile Methodology
Customer satisfaction
Unique UI/UX design
Quick Application Delivery
Quality Assurance professionals

Application Development For Different Platforms

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Web Application Development

At Code Ninja, we have a well-coordinated and dynamic professional team who can develop advanced digital solutions to make your organization stand apart from the crowd. Our developers develop functional Web apps, working with different databases and APIs, and integrating with other services.

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Mobile Application Development

Code Ninja developers provide services for native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile app development. By using state-of-the-art technology, we develop top-performing and customized applications for digital assistants, mostly for Android app development and IOS app development.

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Desktop Application Development

In desktop application development we provide services of onboarding application development, patch development, and security protection. Our developers ensure the data protection standards and developed only authorized applications for desktop.

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Cloud-based Application Development

We have got your back covered through the whole journey of designing, developing, and managing your cloud-based application. Our wide-ranging cloud application development services include multi and poly-cloud strategies depending on the requirement of your business whether you need cloud adoption, CloudOps, or any other cloud application.

Benefits Of Application Development

The digital realm is transforming at a fast pace. Application become an integral part of our lives because it helps us to keep up the pace of development and the at the forefront of new technology. For businesses, applications can improve the client-customer relationship and provide a competitive advantage. For individuals, applications provide efficiency, improved performance, and individualized experience.

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Application Development Solutions we offer

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SAAS Application

We develop SaaS applications by using different methodologies like Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall and different languages like Python, Java, and PHP to provide a premium application experience.

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Enterprise Application

By developing enterprise applications, we are helping organizations automate their business, allowing them to be customized their business process, and seamlessly exchange and analysis of data.

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PWA Application

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main technologies we used to develop PWA applications. We develop budget-friendly PWA applications for businesses to reduce their costs and improve their functionality and user experience.

Application Development Life Cycle

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Agile Application Development Process

Agile is an iterative method of software development. Teams work in smaller time frames, known as sprints to collaborate on the project in progress.

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Our App Development Outsourcing Models

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Dedicated Application Development

Dedicated application development refers to the process of developing a custom software application that is tailored to the specific needs of a particular organization or business. We provide dedicated developers who are proficient in numerous technology stacks and have wealth of experience in solving complex technical challenges. We assist startups and organizations to provide the expertise and human resources they lack in-house.

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Fixed Application Development Contract

A fixed-price application development contract is a type of agreement between a client and a software development team in which the team agrees to deliver a specific set of software development services at a predetermined price. Code ninja chooses this model to avoid potential risks, budget predictability, and time efficiency. Before drafting any contract, we define the scope of the project, set realistic expectations, and always remain flexible.

How Can You Choose An Application Development Company?

Choosing an application development company is not an easy job. Choosing the right one will help you to achieve your core objectives and turn your vision into reality. The first step, determine what you want your app to do. Make a list of priorities and have a clear idea of the specifications you want in your app. Discuss the budget with the team, you should have a clear idea of the cost before you start. It will help you to have a frictionless and transparent experience.

  • Meet the team in person to have a better idea about team
  • ask questions about the services they offer
  • Check the organization portfolio thoroughly
  • You should discuss the time frame
  • Ensure they have expertise in your required field
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Tech verticals For App Development

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Big data

With the analysis of Big Data, we assist businesses to understand the customer’s behavior patterns, identifying operational issues, and take strategic decisions based on data.

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Data Science

By utilizing machine learning techniques, we analyze datasets to get acumens of data, find opportunities and solutions, and share them with appropriate stakeholders.

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Internet Of Things

With IoT, we are helping our partners to identify workflows, catapult their processes, minimize vulnerabilities, streamline their operations and achieve growth.

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Machine Learning

Our developers utilize machine learning to develop algorithms and predictive models to analyze data, find the patterns and draw the conclusions it identified.

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AR application

We develop AR applications for multiple devices like smartphones, and tablets by using display technology, sensors, and graphics rendering, businesses can use AR applications to improve their products and services.

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VR Application

Code ninja develop VR applications that are designed to provide an immersive experience. Head-mounted displays, Input devices, and Tracking systems are our key technologies for VR applications.

Industries-Specific Application Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Code ninja offers all sorts of Software Development Services and Application Development Services. By using high-tech technologies including AI, VR, AR we are helping our partners to excel in the global digital arena.  In addition to this, we are providing consultation services, to assess a company’s needs to suggest solutions to their technical problems. We also provide Networking services, Cloud solutions, and Data Security, and arrange training sessions too.

We develop customized applications for every field of life like Education, Insurance, Telecom, and Construction. We are providing individualized strategies developed on industry-specific challenges and market situations. We are developing premium quality solutions to streamline their workflow, optimize their business process, and maximize their productivity.

The cost of developing an application depends on various factors including its design, the platform it will be built on (iOs, Android), its features and functionality, and the intricacy of an app. The other important factor is the location of the development team. Apart from this, the actual cost cannot be estimated with these factors only, after the deployment of an app its maintenance and updates also bear the cost.