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Dropshipping infrastructure for ambitious entrepreneurs like you.

Ecommerce giants in Europe like and many others around the world use CodeNinja’s Dropshipping platforms to power their Ecommerce businesses.

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How it works:

CodeNinja Dropshipping Platform ‘Flint’ enables E-commerce businesses natively integrate with top suppliers of Europe, China and North America.

Access to more than 10 million products from 300 Categories, be the Next Ecommerce Unicorn of the region. Flint Dropshipping ‘Middleware’ makes it supremely swift and seamless to integrate Dropshipping suppliers like Aliexpress, Big Buy, CDiscount and many others.

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You focus on Marketing and Strategy, We will do the rest.

Acquiring suppliers and managing inventories has always been challenging, Dropshipping business model allows you to focus on selling, and the rest will be taken care of.
It’s more like a Cloud Commerce automating 80% of business operations. If you are good in marketing and strategy, establishing a USD 10 Million business could be around the deck.

“Online Marketplaces face Chicken & Egg problems. Dropshipping business model solves that mystery”

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Europe ecommerce giant OC combined all of the Europe top suppliers under one platform using CodeNinja’s technology infrastructure.

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Why CodeNinja:

CodeNinja is a global professional services company with leading capabilities in innovative Ecommerce technologies, Cloud first technology architectures and cutting edge retail experiences. Based out of Singapore with major development operations in Pakistan, CodeNinja has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop their Ecommerce businesses providing them essential technologies and strategic consulting.

CodeNinja’s Dropshipping Consultants and engineers helped courageous entrepreneurs around the world launch their dream in the least of time.

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Key Features:

  1. More than 5 Million Products
  2. Suppliers from Europe, Turkey, China and USA
  3. Strategic business Consulting
  4. Affordable Innovation
  5. Access to those who have built it already
  6. 24/7 Support

Client Testimonials:

We had a business idea where we could bring all the Europe together with online shopping experiences.  We wanted to live Paris in London and Rome in Paris. Combing suppliers all over was a huge challenge, combining CodeNinja’s middleware technology ‘Flint’ made it supremely easy.

You’ve got the fuel, Let’s build the rocket here

Let’s Make it Happen

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