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Manage nail-biting Twenty20 cricket operations through a powerful Software - Noball

A seamless domestic leagues management solution for the modern cricket.  Interactive and easy to use interfaces for umpires, scoreboard managers and coaching staff. From ground operations to pitch reports and weather forecasts to creating teams, scheduling tournaments and measuring key statistics, this one stop solution has it all to make your operations more lean and efficient so you focus on creating a great viewers experience while Noball does everything else.

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Easy to use panels for Umpiring, Scoring and Coaching

Countless scoring options, umpiring decisions and coaching tactics, this requires a software system that covers all the possible scenarios. Noball caters more than one million scenarios to cover everything this game has to offer.

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Streamline ground operations, Pitch reports, weather forecasts

Automate most of the tasks like creating a pitch, media management, toss, general reports, commentaries, live telecasts and everything in between.

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Create unlimited teams through an interactive design experience

Create as many teams as required from a mix of regions, backgrounds, societies and ages. Create a master database to manage all the talent of the local clubs, universities and departmental teams. With a single click, find out the best performing players in every team and swiftly bring the information at the top to take critical decisions before announcing international teams.

Create tournaments and schedules games

Month longs tournaments, hundreds of matches, thousands of arrangements,  multiple games in a single day, cricket ratings, modern cricket methods – from first match of the league till the final,  get a through and detail oriented end to end complete game plan.

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Descriptive and Predictive Analytics for all players

In depth Ai-driven advanced analytics to get an eye on every player. Bring to the surface string and weak areas of any player and natively assign these grey holes to the coaching staff so they can measure the improvement both in the real match and in the practice sessions.

With a single click, bring the match online with powerful web builder

Bring your every domestic match online with an easy to integrate powerful web builder customizable to your identity. Play locally, market globally with this integrated web and mobile solution on top of Noball.

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