Senior Backend Developer (Java)

No of Positions: 1

Location: Onsite


About the Role:

  • Deliver the backlog both for business as usual, prioritised incidents and strategic projects in a timely manner with the right quality and testing coverage.
  • Work with the technical team to make key technical decisions on the future of the platform.
  • Help us to manage and scale our systems focusing on high availability, to be able to offer a robust service.
  • Care about project health, progressively reducing technical debt, making it visible for the rest of the team
  • Manage technical conversations with our payers or new payers in order to handle issues or new implementations.

About you

We would like to bring you to the next level in your professional career. Flexible and adaptable people, good team players and willing to support other team members. You don’t specifically like leading teams, although you are more than experienced, you prefer the technical side. We additionally put a strong emphasis on writing clean and maintainable code, so we especially love you are meticulous and you can deliver code that is easy to read and easy to maintain. As an orientation, the following points summarize the skills we are looking for. We know they are a lot, so we are flexible with people missing some of them and willing to learn.


  • It is very important that you are communicative with the team, and have experience working remotely, the use of Google Calendar to organise yourself and asynchronous communication are essential so that we can all do our best.
  • You have 5 years of experience working in Java 8 EE (Current Stack) and experience with Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Spring Native (Future stack).
  • You have implemented web services or API in one or multiple flavours (SOAP, REST… etc) and you have consumed those services from 3rd party applications as well. XML and JSON is a must here.
  • You know SQL and you have experience running SQL and DDL for one or more of the following databases: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • You are experienced in Cloud architecture, Docker, Kubernetes and Serverless designs.
  • You are familiar in one or more cache engines: local caches, distributed or data grids and tools such as Redis, Coherence, Ignite… etc.
  • You are familiar with distributed applications and its way to log and to be monitored. Ideally you should be familiar with Grafana.
  • You are familiar with the usual tools in java development: Maven, and one or more integrated environments such as IntelliJ Idea or Visual Studio Code. Job Description (Engineering)
  • You master GIT and you are familiar with GIT lifecycles and GitOps.
  • You have a degree in engineering or computer science. You have a strong knowledge of functional programming like immutable data and HOF.
  • You are a proactive person, highly self-motivated and creative problem-solver.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English.