Head of Business Development

No of Positions: 1

Location: Onsite, Remote

OLTP Database Engineer:

This role participates in the design, development, implementation, review, and monitoring of development database environments, focusing on identifying opportunities to improve the performance of a database driven application. The successful candidate will also work closely with the software development team to provide guidance on best practices.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Perform TSQL/Query tuning to identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Draft documents with TSQL coding guidelines for developers.
  • Assist developers in best practices for writing code.
  • Create and implements new environments based on platform testing requirements.
  • Evaluate new technologies
  • Undertake other duties within the scope of the role as assigned.


  • 4+ years of SQL Server experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree, in Computer Science (or related field) or equivalent.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate:

  • Expert knowledge of all aspects of SQL Server Transact SQL.
  • Extensive experience in SQL performance analysis and optimization (tuning / optimization).
  • In-depth knowledge of tuning SQL Server to achieve the maximum performance possible.
  • Strong understanding of SQL Server concurrency features, transactions, and locking.
  • Strong understanding of the pros and cons of table partitioning, distributed partitioned views, and memory-intensive features including OLTP and BPE.
  • Strong understanding of the pros and cons of various SQL Server platforms, including self-managed and vendor managed cloud environments such as AWS and Azure.
  • Understanding of SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery technologies, such as backups and restores, log shipping, mirroring, and replication.
  • SQL Server administration skills, such as backups, restores, taking and reverting snapshots, user/role security, access permissions, etc.
  • Strong experience with SQL Server debugging and tracing.
  • Experience using full text search and XML in SQL Server.
  • Strong familiarity with data access technologies and protocols
  • Strong familiarity with .NET, C#, and CLR objects.