Mobile-First Approach And It’s Benefits In Web Design And Development


The mobile phone has become a day to day necessity in our lives and this fact is indisputable. It is the first thing that we want to see in the morning while still in bed. It has totally transformed the way we communicate and do business. Be that sending a text message, browsing the internet […]

What makes Magento stand out among other eCommerce Platforms


Have you ever thought of what has transformed the shopping experience of the users and bring stores to your doorstep? Thanks to the eCommerce platforms that have changed the landscape for businesses and has transformed the ways transactions occur these days. You do not have to step out of your house to get your favourite […]

What is dark data and how can businesses find customers from dark data

Dark Data usman

“ Data is the new oil” Clive Humby, Tesco In today’s technology-driven world, data proves to be the most valuable asset of a business besides other assets. A business can’t run its operations without data. The evolution of data has made businesses smarter and more efficient than they were in past. As per Forbes “2.5 […]

How to Generate More Sales by Focusing on the UX?

000 Web UI Design

Why do we need a good web design? It is not just to enhance the user experience to make them happy and think well of your website only rather turn them into paying customers as well. A good user experience is everything you need for your business. It serves to be a major tactic in […]

Progressive Web Apps – Build user experience to steer growth

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps seem to be a latest buzz word but what does it mean. I am Umar Belal, a technology consultant at CodeNinja Inc and in this article you will learn what are Progressive web apps and why do you need one. Web development has changed a lot over the years. When Ajax transformed […]