Cloud Services Management- A Step in the Right Direction

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What Is Cloud Services Management? Cloud computing is a concept which, according to some sources, emerged as early as the 1960s. By 1996, the term was being used officially by IT companies like Compaq. In recent decades, however, a new term has started to emerge on the field and is beginning to garner more and […]

Importance of a Cloud-First Strategy for Your Business

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Cloud migration is one of the essential components of digital transformation helping businesses enhance efficiency and generate lucrative revenue. Gone are the days of legacy systems which are not only expensive to maintain but also are less efficient as compared to cloud services and software. We often come across the notion “The older, the better” […]

Microsoft BI Suite

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Microsoft BI Suite – Actionable insights for a better tomorrow Microsoft BI suite is a set of business intelligence tools to deliver actionable insights at scale to help businesses grow by harnessing the immense power of data. It’s often said, Data is the new oil of 21st century. In the last century, discovery of oil […]

Cloud First Strategy and the Future of Businesses

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”Cloud services are definitely shaking up the industry,” Sid Nag, research VP at Gartner Cloud services as a new norm in the business world has transformed the game for businesses. Although the merger of technology with business is a recent phenomenon but has been well received in the sector. Many businesses have opted for cloud […]

Azure Vs AWS: The Big Leaguers of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Storage companies have become the niche in the market touching millions of businesses and catering to their needs. Organizations have realized the benefits of cloud and are using it to make a change. There are two cloud giants in the realm of cloud computing that are always in a head to head battle i-e […]