Cloud First Strategy

Cloud First Strategy and the Future of Businesses

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Cloud services as a new norm in the business world has transformed the game for businesses. Although the merger of technology with business is a recent phenomenon but has been…
OTT Platform

OTT Platforms as A Lucrative Business Idea

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In the era where the notion “Netflix and Chill” is in vogue, who would think of opting for traditional broadcasting? The trend of binge watching is climbing the charts and…
Aws Vs Azure

Azure Vs AWS: The Big Leaguers of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Storage companies have become the niche in the market touching millions of businesses and catering to their needs. Organizations have realized the benefits of cloud and are using it…

Key Steps For Creating A Successful Dropshipping Business

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Dropshipping Business In 1994 Jeff Bezos was 30 years old and working a stable job at a hedge fund. But he had a business idea that he wanted to try…