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Applications have rapidly gained popularity in the business world. They are highly convenient for optimizing business processes, lead generation and sales conversion. Customers find applications convenient as they are quick and responsive. Applications provide the luxury of being available regardless of time and location. Therefore, a bigger target market can be captured and more ease of functionality can be provided to existing customers.

CodeNinja provided a comprehensive service for developing and designing highly functional applications. As one of the leading app development companies in Lahore, Pakistan, CodeNinja makes application development a manageable project for the clients. The service is offered at reasonable rates with guaranteed value. CodeNinja provides service for both android app development and iPhone app development.

Given the high demand for application usage in Pakistan, CodeNinja aims to become one of top app development companies in the region.

iOS Mobile App Development

We have seasoned experts to develop the smartest and most efficient iOS native or hybrid applications.

  • Our professional teams consist of experts that specifically deal with the iOS platform.
  • Building a smooth iOS app experience
  • Keeping up with the changing trends in iOS technology
  • Quality assurance team available round the clock
  • Complacent with international standards of app development
  • Highly compatible applications
  • Scalable applications for updated iOS versions

Android Mobile App Development

We have experts that specifically qualify to develop the smartest and most efficient android applications.

  • Optimizing the unmatched compatibility offered by android applications
  • Applications functional with multiple devices and hardware
  • App developed according to latest trends of android
  • Applications that use the engaging experience of android platform to its full potential
  • Designs to increase the digital reach
  • Interactive and responsive android applications
  • Applications with reduced risk of bugs and errors
  • Development and design depending on the customer profile
  • Multiple customization options to keep up with changing market trends and promote business growth

Ready to discuss your project?

CodeNinja can build the best applications that will benefit your business effectively. Start your application development project today with our experts.

App Development Features

As a mobile app development company, CodeNinja brings the best in this service to its clients. Our developed applications will effectively improve lead generation and the rate of sales conversion.

  • Enjoy the support of a professional team with years of experience
  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • Better user experience
  • Responsive applications
  • Interactive applications
  • Easy to use interfaces

How We Work


Our first step is to consult with the clients. We will outline your specific goals and objectives. Depending on your requirements, a customized application can be built.


With the information collected from the client, the experts will use their creativity to plan the application. The CodeNinja professionals will decide what layout, connections, content and wireframes will meet the specifications of the client.


When the planning has been finalized, the development begins. The technical experts will develop the designs and interfaces. The mock-ups will be shown to clients for approval.


Once the designs and final development have been approved by the client, the application is ready for launching. CodeNinja will follow up with analysis and report to identify and remove any bugs and errors.

Let’s Make it Happen

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